Changing Lives One At A Time

Project HEEL

Corridor Rescue and Harris County Juvenile Probation Department have partnered to implement Project H.E.E.L. (Helping Empower Everyone’s Lives), an animal-assisted violence intervention program.  The purpose of the program is to be a motivating force for life transformations and inspiration for our youth and their families.

This program takes a troubled young man and an abandoned dog and meshes their worlds together; creating the perfect bond.  The young men in Project H.E.E.L are learning lifelong lessons such as Responsibility, Patience, Respect, Teamwork, Hope and Love.

Project H.E.E.L., an eight week series program, placing an intense emphasis on promoting self-discipline and responsibility; encourage compassion, empathy, companionship, trust, and forgiveness; proper pet care and obedience skills. Boys who are selected for this project must meet a list of criteria such as no history of animal cruelty, must be in compliance of probation standards, and must be a level 2 or 3 in Personal Accountability Plan/Behavior Modification Program.

Project H.E.E.L. influences the human-animal connection to help impart positive character development.

Project H.E.E.L. is a massive collaboration between the Harris County Leadership Academy staff, Corridor Rescue volunteers, services provided by Kingsland Veterinarian Clinic staff, and Tricia Fagan, a professional trainer for Dogs Gone Good.

Upon completion of the program, the Corridor Rescue dogs are available for adoption and placed in their caring “fur-ever” homes.

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Project HEEL Dogs for Adoption: