Changing Lives One At A Time

Corridor Canine Cross Country

The Corridor Cross Country Canines Program, or 4C Program is our effort to expedite the process of finding acceptable and loving homes for the many dogs and cats we bring into our care.

Many cities in other parts of the country do not have the overwhelming stay dog and cat  population problem that we have here in Houston. There is an active community of animal rescue organization that transport homeless animals to other cities in the county to help ease the over population of stay dogs and cats.

In July 2012, CRI entered into a partnership with Five Acres Animal Shelter in St. Chalres, Missouri. Nine dogs have been transported to Five Acres and have been adopted.

Finding the transportation to St. Charles has been a challenge, however, when ever transporting is available, three dogs will go to St. Charles with the hopes of finding their forever homes.

Corridor Rescue is very interested in partnering with other rescue organizations throughout the country to help us adopt out more dogs and cats and make room for more needy animals.

If your rescue organization is interested in partnering with Corridor Rescue, please email with the subject: 4C Program.