Changing Lives One At A Time



For many of us, our pets are family and bring us such joy and companionship. Pet ownership requires both time and financial investments and we know that sometimes it is difficult to find the money to properly take care of a pet. We believe that being a low income citizen should not prevent a person from having a pet to love.

Community Animal Relief Efforts @ Services (C.A.R.E.S.) is our mission to engage with  low income residents in the Corridor and to educate them on proper pet care. Further, we assist them (at no cost to the residents) with pet medical needs and supplies which includes collars, ID tags, food, and proper pet shelter.

Through this assistance, we are able to help control the animal population in this area. Free spaying and neutering services are offered to pet owners who do not have the financial means to take care of this very important animal control measure.

To quality, low income residence must provide supporting documents that prove their eligibility.