Changing Lives One At A Time

In Memory

Ruby WollisonIn memory of Ruby, a great dog 1997-2012.
~ Anita Wollison

In loving memory of our dog Lil LuLu & our cat Gomez! You both are missed daily! Love Mama & Papa

In memory of our beloved Zeus and Wagner. You are still missed so much.
~ Janice Cockrell

Noah FruthIn memory of Noah. The little mighty-dog who was the very first dog to bless my life. My teacher, guardian and best friend. We miss you, but know you’re still with us, still taking care of your family. 4-1-1998 – 3-5-2012. ~ Lori Fruth

I have very fond memories of my first pet Little Joe. A mixed mut that just showed up at our door and my parents let us keep him. I took him for rides in my little red wagon. Except for school and church I think he was always with me.
Love Ya Joe ~ Alan Woods

GrahamFor our beautiful Taiya & all the wonderful days she brought us. We’d also like to thank our Texan friend Kristana Kane Blake for making us aware of the Corridor Rescue group! We here in Mass. hope what little we give can help as much as possible! ~ Marci Graham

Ruffles, RIP. You were a heartbeat at our feet. Gone, but never forgotten. See you at the Bridge! ~ Evelyn Owens

Bobby CliffordIn memory of Bobby Clifford the best cat I’ve ever had with a heart as big as Texas. Bob was a rescue cat that I was blessed to have for 5 1/2 years – not near long enough. I lost him suddenly on Sunday, Feb. 3rd and miss him very much. ~ Chris Johnson

Kitty Bear and RubinFor Kitty Bear and Ruben, you are missed by your momma.


CarmonaTo Our Googie:
We know you’re running among the angels and making someone just as happy as you made us. You will forever be loved and never ever be forgotten.

WE LOVE YOU- Papa, Pita, Nallely, Carlos, Raul, Gabie, Windy & Chikis


GracieRemembering my precious Gracie girl. ~ Cathy Moerer

baby mabelMabel was the best Basset Hound that ever lived and we were blessed to have her for 13 years and 8 months. She was loved by everyone who met her. Charlee and I will miss her always. ~ Mabel Tilton

in memory of Nox

In memory of Nox.

corridor rescue houstonGracie, I love you and miss you and look forward to when we can be together again.

Angel, thank you, old girl, for running in front of my car that rainy evening. Thank you for stepping past your fears and crawling towards me, hungry and cold. Thank you for showing me what unconditional love looks like. I will never forget you. ~ Holly Davis

In memory of our darling Pepper. She strayed into our hearts and remained with us for many years until she was called to the Rainbow Bridge. ~ Rebecca Pennington

Bentley you brought so much joy & happiness to our lives! We hope that this donation in your memory will offer another the opportunity to have a safe loving home. We miss you and love you Bentley ~Stephanie Schmitt

This donation is in loving memory of my American Eskimo Kuma. I recently had to have her put down at the ripe old age of 13. She was a great dog and will be missed. ~ Maggie von Moos

I always say about Dingo that if ever there was a human who loved me as much as he did, I would be the happiest person on earth. Dingo Bill was the kind of very special dog in your life that you will never forget. I miss him terribly.

In memory of Maggie Mayville.

To my friend, Teddy Bear, who brought out the teeth-baring ugly-face in me that scared my mommy (ha ha!), I will miss you. Rest in peace, big boy.
~ Carlie Jean

Les and Sunny, I am so sorry for the loss of your companions. It is so hard and sometimes difficult to find closure. Each one is so special in their own way. I know you will always cherish the memories of your beloved Champagne and Blake.
~ Debbie Bridges

In memory of Kingston and in honor of those who save these dear pets.
~Diane Brinkmeyer