Changing Lives One At A Time

Happy Tails

Happy Tails

We just love it when our Corridor Rescue dogs and cats find their perfect families. Often, it is love at first sight and these grateful animals blend beautifully into the family structure.

Read the words of some of our happy matches.


Here’s Chula “helping” me vacuum the van on this beautiful spring morning in PA … I’m sure she was actually thinking we were going for a ride. She’s doing great and we love her to pieces. I too would like to thank Corridor Rescue… if I didn’t live 1600 miles away I would certainly like to be a volunteer.

~  Rich, Chula’s human dad


Hello, just checking in to say hello. Magee and Ziva are doing great. Ziva is so sweet and is playful and brave and learning to come and sit. Magee is such a gentle giant.  Ziva and Magee love carrots. Here are some pics I wanted to forward on. I wasn’t sure how to put them on Facebook but please let everyone know they are doing great!  We had an Easter egg hunt for them with a couple of boiled eggs. We took the shells off of course.  They are so wonderful. We thank you again for these precious pups.

~ Magee and Ziva’s human family